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Welfare technology delivered with flexibility


Increased turnover and a consequent need for adapted transport and logistics have contributed to the fact that Guldmann established cooperation with LEMAN from the end of 2018.


Guldmann works with the development, manufacture, and sales of welfare technology for people with reduced capabilities, and work tools for those who help and care for them.


With increasing revenue, the need for an effective, holistic solution in transport and logistics has increased. "We need a partner with a high level of service that can look beyond their own setup and adapt to ours. At the same time, we need to maintain an open and honest dialogue, as well as a realistic and specified price structure," says Jan Roe, warehouse manager at Guldmann.


"From the very first meeting with LEMAN, it was obvious that Guldmann was a priority, and we experienced great vigilance and seriousness. In general, we have been met by competent employees throughout the process. In selecting LEMAN as our new primary transport and logistics provider, we conducted test runs, confirming that we were on track with LEMAN, "concludes Jan Roe.


Sales VP at LEMAN, is pleased with the newly established collaboration with Guldmann. "Guldmann is a visionary company in growth. We see great prospects, both now and for our future cooperation." Our goal is always to grow with our customers, and we expect the same with Guldmann."


"The task has been for us to reduce the number of subcontractors, to align processes and streamline the flow that Guldmann has within transport and logistics. Furthermore, it has been to create a dynamic setup around Guldmann to achieve optimal understanding of their specific needs.

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