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20 Dec 2019
Stronger Together - Strategic Partnership in Turkey
LEMAN, Sparta Logistics and BORUSAN LOJISTIK join forces
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Dec 2019
Holiday Greetings
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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12 Dec 2019
New documentation requirements for VAT-free trade
EU tightens legislation on VAT-free trade
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28 Nov 2019
Strike in France
France partially closed down by extensive strike
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31 Oct 2019
Begränsningar i trafiken inför Jul- & Nyårshelgen 2019/2020
Jul- & Nyårshelgen medför begränsningar i trafiken.
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25 Oct 2019
LEMAN in the Nordic optimizes the name
LEMAN International System Transport has become LEMAN.
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16 Oct 2019
General strike in the Catalonia area
Labor unions call for general strike in Catalonia on October 18
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24 Sep 2019
Border renovation affects transit times
Long queues at the Turkish / Bulgarian borders
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13 Sep 2019
New members of the LEMAN Board
Solid competences contibuting to stable growth.
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11 Sep 2019
Golden Week in China 2019
National holiday causes potential delays in and out of China
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10 Sep 2019
IMO 2020
Increasing costs on sea transport
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27 Aug 2019
LEMAN is expanding and upgrading the Pharma fleet
24/7 monitoring and improved safety in state-of-the-art trailers
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9 Aug 2019
Custom logistics on track
300 tonnes of stacked railway equipment at LEMAN
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30 Jul 2019
"The Queen I'll meet another day"
50th anniversary at LEMAN
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25 Jul 2019
LEMAN closes deal to lease 68 new trailers
Expanding and renewing the trailer fleet
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12 Jul 2019
Food From the Sky
Conflict and drought causing hunger crisis in South Sudan
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13 Jun 2019
"Land of opportunity"
Kim was supposed to return after 2 years - but he wanted more
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3 Jun 2019
Pharma solutions without limits
Setup, knowledge and growth bring new customer perspectives
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28 May 2019
Annual Report: Stable growth at LEMAN
High-level activity and mergers characterize the annual report.
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11 Apr 2019
LEMAN paves the way for better education
Exciting initiatives in both Denmark and UK
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2 Apr 2019
Oversized luggage on a large scale
12 meters, 13 tons and a tight schedule
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25 Mar 2019
LEMAN Pharma Solutions
Come and meet LEMAN at LogiPharma in Montreux, Switzerland
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19 Mar 2019
Railway Corridors Connecting Europe and China
Attractive alternative to Air/Sea transportation
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5 Mar 2019
40 Million Year Old Cargo
LEMAN transports huge private amber collection
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28 Feb 2019
Information Strejkvarsel svenska hamnar
Hamnarbetarförbundet varslar om full strejk i alla hamnar
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17 Jan 2019
Brexit consequences for the LEMAN customer
Agreement endorsed in Bruxelles
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15 Nov 2018
Begränsningar i trafiken inför Jul- & Nyårshelgen 2018/2019
Jul- & Nyårshelgen medför begränsningar i trafiken.
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Dec 2018
Holiday Greetings
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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20 Nov 2018
Protests Against Increasing Fuel Prices in France
Weekend protests causing traffic chaos
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13 Nov 2018
One Million Labels by Hand
From Factory Floor to Retail Store with LEMAN
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26 Oct 2018
LEMAN Norway on Gazelle list 2018
Hard work and due dilligence pays off for LEMAN
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19 Oct 2018
Fighting Childhood Cancer
LEMAN USA ran for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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13 Sep 2018
Världsstjärnan importerar bil med LEMAN
Andreas Granqvist på besök
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23 Aug 2018
Golden Week in China
National holiday causes potential delays in and out of China
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8 Jun 2018
Utvidgning av MAUT-pliktiga vägsträckor
Tyskland utvidgar vägskatten till att gälla på väsentligt fler vägar.
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04 June 2018
LEMAN Group acquiring in Finland
LEMAN acquires FL Services Oy (Finlogistics) and doubles activities in Finland.
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29 May 2018
Annual Report: Positive Growth in a Difficult Market
LEMAN delivers revenue growth and a satisfactory result.
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20 Nov 2017
Begränsningar i trafiken inför Jul- & Nyårshelgen 2017/2018
Jul- & Nyårshelgen medför begränsningar i trafiken.
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5 Sep 2017
LEMAN acquires MARU International
Strategic acquisition more than doubles LEMAN’s activities in the UK and creates an even stronger organisation.
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25 Aug 2017
Heidi goes fast on her racing bike and her career
LEMAN supports our own Heidi A. Walther who, in record time, has made it to the top in women’s cycling.
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15 Aug 2017
Vallåkraträffen: Classic and vintage cars
Let LEMAN help you import your classic car
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1 Jul 2017
Strejk info
APM Terminals i Göteborg påverkas av strejk
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9 Jun 2017
LEMAN leads the way for better transport and logistics educations
Exciting initiatives in both Denmark and UK
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6 Jun 2017
From Næstved to Kuala Lumpur in just 24 hours
LEMAN’s Air Export Team helped with an immediate delivery of a crucial spare part.
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17 May 2017
Great demand for transport in Europe
Pressure on the routes due to extreme amounts of goods
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15 May 2017
LEMAN delivers best result ever
A historically strong result of DKK 64.3 million for 2016
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1 May 2017
Finding a Distributor in the US
Get advice and tips at our event Thursday 18 May 2017
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5 Apr 2017
LogiPharma 2017
Come and visit LEMAN at LogiPharma in Montreux, Switzerland
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30 Mar 2017
LEMAN invests in top modern transport system
Much easier - and more value for the customer
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16 Feb 2017
Get full transparency with LEMAN
Set your customised KPI’s and focus on your business
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17 Jan 2017
Discover your future logistics
Get ready for logistics of the future with LEMAN
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6 Jan 2017
Peak Season and Chinese New Year
Book your transport as early as possible
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LEMAN byter agent i Italien
Stante - Your Logistics Way in Italy
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Begränsningar i trafiken
Jul- och Nyårshelgen 2016/2017 medför begränsningar i trafiken och följande dagar gäller som sista skeppningsdag före julhelgen...
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Grand Opening in Wisconsin
LEMAN opens new warehouse facilities in Sturtevant
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Bring your brand to the US market
E-commerce can grow your business in the US – if you are up to date...
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LEMAN expanding with new office
On 1 November, LEMAN expands with new office in Charlotte, North Carolina
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UPDATE - HANJIN filing for court receivership
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Classic and vintage cars
Let LEMAN help you import your classic car
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Pharma logistics with Xellia
Xellia Pharmaceuticals and LEMAN in a new, global cooperation.
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LEMAN delivers a strong result
The Board of LEMAN has just approved the annual report for 2015.
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SOLAS Weight Control for Ocean Freight
SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) require shippers to submit the VGM of containers on 1. July 2016
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Vägskatt införs i Belgien
Från och med den 1 april 2016 inför den belgiska regeringen en kilometerbaserad vägskatt.
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Nya regler för transport
Den 1 januari 2016 ersätts NSAB2000 av nya bestämmelser.
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Welcome to the new LEMAN website
On 1st November 2015 we launch our new corporate website across all LEMAN Group countries.
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Den tyska vägskatten höjs
Den tyska regeringen har från och med den 1 oktober 2015 reglerat vägavgifterna föör lastbilar.
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LEMAN acquires Dalpa
LEMAN International Transport Ltd acquires Dalpa International Ltd in UK
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Nytt samarbete
LEMAN inleder ett samarbete med Borusan Lojistik/Balnak i Turkiet
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Vallåkraträffen 2015
Vi vill rikta ett stort tack till alla som kom och besökte oss under Vallåkraträffen den 15 & 16 augusti!
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Valutajustering Storbritannien
Kursen för det engelska pundet har stigit avsevärt – framförallt under 2015.
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