25 Aug 2017

Heidi goes fast on her racing bike and her career

LEMAN supports our own Heidi A. Walther who, in record time, has made it to the top in women’s cycling.

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When Heidi A. Walther at the age of 38 sat on a racing bike for the first time during spring 2014, she hardly imagined that she would a few years later run in the National Championship against the best riders in Denmark. Initially, cycling was a hobby but soon Heidi’s interest and cycling skills developed.


At a high profile women’s race in spring 2016, Heidi delivered an impressive result when she raced side by side with the ruling Danish champion. Subsequently, Heidi was contacted by the, Bo Simonsen, a respected cycling coach and was given the opportunity to develop her cycling skills.

Training six times a week, her family’s life is now highly structured and Heidi’s diet and sleep are planned down to the last detail. Fortunately, she is used to being structured and on the top of the situation through her work as sea/ocean freight forwarder at LEMAN.

“Our everyday life is sometimes a logistical puzzle, but it always comes together in the end. There are two people in my section at LEMAN, and it is very flexible. We are good at planning our time so we can achieve what we need at work and at home”, Heidi says.


An unexplored talent, a huge amount of stubbornness, and hard training have enabled Heidi to develop in explosive speed on the bike. She has even seen improvements at work  :

“Due to my training, I now have much more energy and I am more efficient than before. I am more confident in myself because I know I can handle things, even in stressful situations.”

When both work life and training are balanced, great results come. At one of the toughest individual time trials in Denmark, at the end of May, Heidi broke a 24-year record set by a former Tour de France rider. The final goal for the season was a top 20 position in individual time trial at the National Championship in June, in which Heidi got a 19th place.

“My appetite has been whetted and I have found something I am really good at”, concludes Heidi.

LEMAN wishes Heidi congratulations on the preliminary results and we are looking forward to keeping up with her achievements and results.





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