15 Aug 2017

Vallåkraträffen: Classic and vintage cars

Let LEMAN help you import your classic car

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LEMAN will be attending this year’s "Vallåkraträffen" in Landskrona, Sweden on the 19 - 20 August 2017.


Vallåkraträffen is Scandinavia's biggest car meet for remodeled, styled, original restored European and Japanese cars with more than 1,500 vehicles gathered.


LEMAN can help you all the way, if you want to import vehicles from all over the world. Our specialist team can guide you all the way from purchasing the vehicle abroad, until it is up and running in your home country.


Come and visit us at Vallåkraträffen and talk with our specialist team regarding how to import your own special car, motorcycle or other classic vehicle.


> Information about Vallåkraträffen 2017



For further information, please contact:

Göran Troedsson
Forwarding Agent, Overseas

P: +46 042 26 6550





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