From Factory Floor to Retail Store with LEMAN

13. november

Logistics is far more than stacking boxes in a warehouse. We can take a customer's stock from factory floor to retail store.

Logistics is an important part of the LEMAN business, not least in the UK. Logistics solutions allow for close, rational cooperation with customers, even if their business requires extra attention. LEMAN can offer attractive combined solutions in transport and logistics.

“Presently part of our logistics team is labelling large quantities of clothing for export. It must be done by hand, so we have built up a specific structure for the task. We have a special dedicated team for the job, and recently we surpassed one million labels,” says Project Manager James Graham.

“The customer has been very pleased with the way the task has been solved and we are proud to offer a holistic logistics and transport solution for our customers in LEMAN UK,” James Graham concludes.

For more information on LEMAN logistics, please contact your local LEMAN office.