LEMAN transports huge private amber collection

5. mars

One of the world's largest collections of amber was bought by the Danish National Museum of Natural History this summer. 40 years of passion for amber and countless trips to the North Jutland coasts, got a private collector's amber stock up to approx. 60,000 pieces of amber. 

This collection has now been moved to the National Museum of Natural History. The very valuable cargo was transported in secret, with LEMAN Project Transport. With the right insurance, good planning and a very early start, the big collection was moved discreetly from Skagen to Copenhagen early in June 2018.

Purchasing consultant for the University of Copenhagen, Morten Have, was responsible for ensuring that the transport was safe and secure. "The transport went smoothly with professionalism and discretion," he says.

The collection will now benefit science. Both Danish and international researchers can gain access to the collection, which can potentially provide answers to a number of issues concerning the climate and species development.

It is estimated that it will take decades to review the entire large collection.

You can read more about the great amber collection here.

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