Get your goods home from China in time with LEMAN

18. februari

In addition to the tragic human costs, the situation in China has had implications for production and infrastructure.

One of the consequences of the situation with Coronavirus is, that in many places it is not possible to ship goods from ports. Transport of goods from China is becoming more difficult and requires alternative solutions.

It is difficult to say when China returns to normal. Your transportation needs to be affected as little as possible, taking into account contagion risks, etc.

At LEMAN, we offer very attractive alternatives.

Rail transport between China and Europe is, in addition to being an alternative in the current circumstances, significantly faster and allows you to still deliver to your customers on time. We ship weekly (both LCL and FCL) from all over China.

Read more about LEMAN's rail solutions from China HERE

Sea / Air combination is a solution that ensures fast transport at a reasonable price. It offers the opportunity to avoid bottlenecks and soaring transport prices when China reopens. Smaller ships in combination with flight routes out of eg. Singapore and Dubai provide fast transport at a significantly lower cost than regular air transport. And there is still available capacity. Maybe this solution is right for you.

Contact your LEMAN contact and let us help you reach your deadlines.

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LEMAN was founded in 1900 as a productive partner for the industry within shipping, transport and logistics. 

The company is still growing and employs approximately 800 employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and the United States. 

LEMAN has a total disposal of 72,000 m2 terminal and logistics facilities and worldwide network of agents with about 200 import and export routes.