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8. mars

The UK leaves the EU on 29th March this year, unless the English government and Theresa May will postpone or find another last minute solution.
As an exporter or importer you will therefore have to prepare for new procedures for shipping goods to and from the UK.

LEARN MORE about how to best prepare your company for BREXIT (UK-version).
CLICK HERE for POA concerning Customs Clearence Agent (only for UK).
CLICK HERE for Danish version.

Whatever the result, we at LEMAN are ready to help you and your company through BREXIT:

  • we have set up a task force dedicated to BREXIT.
  • we have specialists who can advise and guide.
  • updated IT systems for new customs procedures.
  • we can offer full assistance to creation of new EORI numbers.
  • drivers and trailers are properly registered for the new situation.
  • we have increased capacity.
  • alternative routes for traffic problems and bottlenecks at borders.
  • great knowledge of potentially new customs rules and procedures.

You are therefore welcome to address your BREXIT related questions to us and we will do our best to answer them with the information available to us at the given time.

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You can also follow the Brexit development on the government's website:
UK Government webpage