COVID-19 | Supply chain operations at LEMAN

Commercial transport is fully operational all over the world, with a few exceptions

25. mars

Despite challenges with supply chain operations caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, all LEMAN offices are still fully operational with only necessary staffing at office and warehouse locations, since we are obligated to show public spirit and make sure that societies globally will still receive supplies, such as food and medicine. Therefore, we are still open for business and here to support you with your shipments. At the same time, we will do everything we can to keep the risk of infection as low as possible for everyone– your employees and ours – while keeping goods flowing quickly and efficiently. 

The COVID-19 situation is evolving very fast, and many countries have introduced strict measures to avoid the spread. For now, following precautions have been taken: 

  • Denmark: All Danes are advised not to travel, and borders are closed for non-commercial purposes and non-Danish citizens until 13th April. Any transport of goods and cargo is still running and fast-track lanes are in place for commercial transports. The airport traffic is predicted to drop by at least 70-80 %, and since the airports are maintaining minimum operations, we might experience challenges on capacity. Furthermore, schools, cultural institutions, libraries, malls, restaurants etc. and communal facilities are closed until 13th April, and people are urged to work from home if possible. At the same time, all gatherings with 10+ people have been banned.
  • USA: Global travel to the USA is restricted from most locations and banned from Europe for the time being. Goods are exempted. The Government declared a national state of emergency. Local state governments imposed a series of restrictions. The situation keeps developing fast in every state, keep yourself updated on your state’s official website.
  • UK: People must stay at home except for shopping for necessities, for exercise (only once a day), for any medical purpose and for going to work (if strictly necessary). Shops selling non-essential goods will also be closed and gatherings in public of more than two people who do not live together are being prohibited. Other premises including libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and places of worship are also closed. Funerals can still go ahead but weddings have been banned, as have baptisms and other ceremonies. Parks will remain open for exercise, but gatherings will be dispersed, with police being handed the power to step in and enforce the new measures.
  • Sweden: Public gatherings of more than 500 individuals has been banned. Sweden has temporarily banned entry of all foreigners trying to enter Sweden from a country not part of the EEA or Switzerland. Swedish citizens are advised to not conduct any foreign travels at all. Commercial transports are still allowed to enter.
  • Norway: All borders are closed to tourists. Norwegian citizens and individuals who do have a creditable purpose for entering Norway are exempted (e.g. commercial transports, people who work in Norway etc.). Individuals entering Norway may risk self-isolation for two weeks, and all schools, sport halls and public events are closed and postponed. Large gatherings are banned. Commercial transports are still allowed to enter. The airport closures might affect air freight.
  • Finland: Schools, universities and other educational institutions are closed. All restaurants, bars and night clubs are expected to be closed in the coming weekend (the Government is still working on a legislative piece regarding this, and therefore nothing is certain yet). Public meetings and gatherings as well as visits to health care units are restricted. Border traffic is restricted, but is still open for commercial transport. The Helsinki area is closed for private transportation until April 19th - commercial transports are still allowed. People are only allowed to enter and leave the area if they have a creditable purpose to do so.

Please notice: Due to the current situation, all lead times are suspended.

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An extraordinary situation demands extraordinary precautions.

In order to prevent any further spread, the following precautions are being followed by all LEMAN offices:

  • The majority of our staff is working from home during the next minimum two weeks.
  • We avoid manually exchange of transport documents by using digital solutions.
  • When possible, cargo is transferred to intermodal (rail), air or ocean freight to minimize human contact.
  • Hygiene standards have been significantly raised at all LEMAN locations.
  • All business trips and travels are substituted by virtual meetings.
  • Employees are strictly instructed to stay home, if any sign of sickness appears.
  • At the same time, all visitors and suppliers at LEMAN are instructed to be compliant with the following guidelines:
  • Detailed hygiene instructions must be followed.
  • No visitor is allowed, if he or she has any kind of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Suppliers/drivers are provided with security equipment and hand disinfection whenever possible.
  • Drivers are instructed to avoid close human contact and encouraged to wash hands frequently.
  • Trucks and drivers from “red zone areas” are separated from other drivers and advised to stay in the cab.

Recommendations on how to act when receiving and shipping goods.