300 tonnes of stacked railway equipment at LEMAN

9. augusti

Logistics is much more than storing cardboard boxes in a warehouse. At LEMAN, we also solve far more complex tasks, and we are happy to customize our facilities if needed.

When East Anglia Train Services in the UK orders new equipment from a supplier in Switzerland, the finished bogies (train wheel sets) must be stored properly before they are put into service. This requires a special logistics system that LEMAN, in collaboration with supplier Ferrartis, has installed. This enables us to store the 12 tonnes of heavy pieces of equipment in 3 layers. This way, the storage capacity is utilized optimally, for the benefit of both LEMAN and the customer.

A large 16 tonnes forklift truck stacked the bogies up high

One of the major challenges of storing the bogies is, that the wheels must be rotated every 3-4 months to avoid them getting stuck. For this purpose, the newly installed logistics system has rollers under the wheels of the bogies. Thus, the wheels can be easily rotated at a frequency that prevents them from being damaged by prolonged storage.

Shelving are equipped with rollers, used to rotate the bogie wheels

In addition to a select partnership with Ferrartis, delivering the unique storage solution, the heavy parts required a 16-tonne forklift truck to empty a eleven-trailer long convoy for a total of 300 tonnes of equipment. All this required special agreements and customized solutions.

It took eleven large trailers to transport the 300 tonnes of railway equipment

At LEMAN we service all types of customers and go to great lengths to ensure cost- and quality-focused storage of goods. If you need customized transport and / or logistics, we will help you find the optimal solution. Contact us for more information.

For more information on LEMAN's logistics solutions, please contact your local LEMAN office.