12. juli

The UN has declared starvation in parts of South Sudan. The Red Cross fights hunger by throwing emergency aid from aircrafts to the civilian population.

LEMAN joins the fight for the survival of thousands, as political and violent conflicts have driven people away from their homes.

Hundreds of white bags filled with food crash to the ground, and dust rises as they land. The bags include grains, beans, nourishing soy mixture, salt and sugar. The emergency aid is well protected by five layers of nylon, and only a few bags break if they hit a stone or a branch on the ground.

You can see bags of food being droppet in this clip

Large sections of the population have fled their homes due to the civil war in the country that has lasted many years. They have fled to areas where it is difficult to cultivate the land, and where it is impossible for the aid trucks to gain access.

It is definitely the last resort when the Red Cross throws food out of airplanes. A food drop is a cumbersome and expensive operation. But at present, it is the only way to provide emergency aid and ensure that the civilians in South Sudan do not starve.