Info on pickup and delivery of shipments

Are your business partners affected by the shutdown?

18. mars

Considering the Covid-19 situation, more and more companies are now unfortunately forced to partially or fully close down. Consequently, challenges with collecting and delivering goods might appear.

At LEMAN we do our utmost to help you maintain the supply chains and ensure that your shipments will arrive at their destination. We therefore urge you to be aware of the situation at your consignor and consignee, and whether they are affected or not. It is your responsibility as a client that you – prior to booking a shipment – ensure that the consignor and consignee can respectively deliver and receive the shipment.

Together we must ensure that resources are used wisely to assure enough chauffeurs and capacity for your most important shipments – for the greater good of society. Therefore, it is important that you do not book your shipment through LEMAN, if the consignor/consignee is affected by closure. If you book LEMAN, and the truck driver is unable to receive and/or deliver a shipment, we reserve the right to charge you and return the cargo to the consignor on your expense. LEMAN offers storage space on a few locations, but only by prior arrangement.

This is an extraordinary situation, and therefore LEMAN is not liable for any economic loses, additional costs, delays etc. caused by the consequences of Covid-19.


If you have any questions regarding the current situation or your shipments, please get in touch with your contact person at LEMAN or follow the situation on

Kind regards