13. juni

After finishing service in the Armed Forces, with deployment to both Kosovo and Afghanistan, Kim Patschinsky chose to apply for a trainee position at LEMAN. A decision that would prove to be of great importance to his future.

It's afternoon at LEMAN HQ in Denmark when Kim arrives to tell his story. He is briefly in the country to visit family and get his visa renewed. Work in the Danish office is also on his agenda, before returning to the states. 

He is a determined guy who speaks straight out of the bag about his decisions and what he has experienced in his job on the western side of the Atlantic.

Kim has settled in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles and has got an American girlfriend. He is clearly satisfied with his decision of going to "The Sunny State" to one of 8 LEMAN offices in the United States. 


Needed to test himself

“My time in the military had given me a lot of knowledge about myself. I felt that I needed to test myself outside Denmark's borders once again. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to do this through my work at LEMAN”.

When Kim started at LEMAN, it was as a 26-year-old adult trainee. After completing training and a short period in the Air / Sea department in HQ, Denmark, the adventure awaited in the form of a 2-year stay in the United States. A stay that would later prove to be much longer than that.

"I was actually scheduled to return home to Denmark after 2 years, but I felt there was more in store for me".


"Be Your Own Entrepreneur"

The challenge was real for the young Dane, as he arrived in Los Angeles without an actual network. He just had his new colleagues, who helped him getting installed.

"Fortunately, I am very much my own, and knew that I had to take the lead in the process and get out and socialize. It really is a "land of opportunity" if you show initiative and use common sense. You can really create your own success, and I feel that I have done just that.

Today Kim is employed as Sales Specialist, responsible for several large customers in the area. Since travelling to the United States, his career has evolved positively. He can look back at 4 years with pride, joy and a feeling of accomplishment. 

“The experience is what you make of it. I approached the challenge with an open mind and I think that helped me create my own success. I can only encourage others to seize the opportunity to get that kind of experience if possible"!

Do you also want to kick start your life's adventure? Then LEMAN is a great place to start!