Moving into brand new warehouse and office facilities in Vestby

14. juni

Today is an exciting day for LEMAN. The grand opening of our new warehouse in Vestby, Norway. 

The new warehouse is 12,000m2 and contains state-of-the-art facilities, with temperature control, 14 ramps and 2 gates set up to offer highly flexible solutions, benefiting several types of customers. The warehouse will serve as a replacement for LEMAN's storage facilities in Moss and a warehouse elsewhere in Vestby. Storage capacity increases by approx. 25%, even though 15,000m2 is reduced to 12,000m2.

"We are very pleased with how Bulk Infrastructure has conducted the project. It has been of great importance to us," says Egil Wilhelms, Managing Director of LEMAN Norway.

Simultaneously with the upgrading of the physical framework, there will also be an optimization of processes in operation. A new WMS (Warehouse Management System) is being implemented and new forklifts will help make the most of the new, pristine surroundings. Customers can therefore look forward to greater flexibility, shorter delivery times and increased logistics and storage capacity.

It is expected that about 320 truckloads from Vestby and Moss will be moved to the new location. Now that’s what you call moving day!