Hard work and due dilligence pays off for LEMAN

26. oktober

Following a busy time of relocating to a new terminal/office in Vestby, LEMAN Norway has received the great honor of being placed on the 2018 Gazelle list.

Dagens Næringsliv, Norway's largest business newspaper, has presented LEMAN with the award for “Best Credit Rating 2018”.

"We are extremely proud to have achieved a place on this year's Gazell list. We have worked hard to achieve solid growth and a stable financial foundation, placing us at the top of the industry. But our growth should not only benefit us. We want to grow with our customers, "says Egil Wilhelms, Managing Director of LEMAN Norway.

Several conditions are to be met to receive this prize, including approved financial statements, at least a doubling of revenue over four years, and a positive operating result.

Recognition like this comes with hard work and due diligence. LEMAN has:

  • Successfully integrated Dan Cargo, an acquired company, increasing presence on the eastern side of the Oslo Fjord.
  • Generated significant organic growth for several years.
  • Established a stable, area-specific and efficient sales department.
  • Built an Air and Sea department of 5 people.
  • Built new logistics center in cooperation with customers and suppliers. In this, the Moss and Vestby departments have merged into new, modern sorruondings.
  • Established a solid financial foundation and the industry's best credit rating.
  • Built the business on trusting customers in close business relations.

The prizes were awarded at a conference in Tønsberg on 26th of October.