First freight forwarding apprenticeship in LEMAN UK

11. april

Over the last few years, organisations, educations, municipality and companies have negotiated the development of new education programmes in transport and logistics.

LEMAN UK contributed to the Trailblazer group which aims to develop an international freight forwarding apprenticeship. This is now a government recognised apprenticeship – aligning the Freight Forwarders with a similar education and learning path to the likes of Denmark.

Only a few countries in the world have a well-developed transport and logistics education programme, making it a progressive and important step towards ensuring higher quality in the industry.

Today, LEMAN is hiring around 10 new apprentices every 6 months in Denmark, and UK is beginning to roll out similar programs.  

Reece Dixon is the very first apprentice in the new education programme in LEMAN UK:

“I chose LEMAN because I had heard good things about them while at college. The apprenticeship structure or program they’ve shown me while I’ve been at LEMAN is well put together without too much overloading of coursework, allowing me to find a mixed balance of both desk work and coursework.

My day to day tasks include bookings for shipments, getting quotes and giving them to our customers, customs clearances, building up shipping instructions for bills of lading and much more. Everyday is different. Everyone have been really nice and I always feel like I can ask for help."

When asked about the future, Reece replies;
"I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. I plan on passing my apprenticeship with the highest grades possible. Once the apprenticeship is completed, I plan on staying at LEMAN. My goal is to continue my career and when the time is right, rise in the ranks within the company.“

Jill Holland, HR Business Partner of LEMAN UK, shares her thoughts:

“We were delighted to attend the launch of the Young Forwarders Network recently. The Young Forwarders Network has been set-up to provide young members, or those new to the industry, with a platform to network with their peers, learn from industry professionals and boost their continuous professional development. We spent a very informative day with many new apprentices from different companies and attended workshops outlining how we could make the forum work in the best way for the new apprentices.”

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