LEMAN employees of Wisconsin take action with local charity

10. augusti

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin 

Employees of the LEMAN office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are eager to make a difference. Thus, with the support of LEMAN's CSR 2018 project LEMAN Relay, they spent time arranging, collecting and donating to a local veterans charity. 

Veterans Outreach houses veterans with scarred souls and existential challenges. The project has built a number of mini homes for homeless veterans, but like so many charity organizations, there is always a need for more help.

One container we're not gonna move 

LEMAN has among other things contributed with a container for storing various foods, hygiene products and more. The container is a permanent installation that acts as a continuous collection station for donations from local donors in the future. It will help the vulnerable veterans to rebuild a stable and dignified life based on the project.

“It’s one thing to simply donate money and then forget about the cause… But having LEMAN stand behind our efforts; to purchase an entire re-purposed shipping container (for donation) and allow Jenna and I the time to coordinate with local businesses for the food drive; THAT was priceless… and it is a gift that will continue giving for years to come,” says Jill Mlinar, charity person and LEMAN employee.

An easy choice

“It’s a great feeling to cooperate with my fellow colleagues on a project as meaningful as this. Jill and I really put our hearts and souls into this project and the reward was seeing the tears in the eyes of the volunteers and Veterans at VOW when we showed up with the container, signs and cars full of donated items. I’ll never forget this experience and I’m proud to have been a part of it, thanks to LEMAN,” says Jenna Tessmann, charity person and freight forwarder at LEMAN in the United States.

LEMAN's local forces in Wisconsin plan to continue the work to support the vulnerable veterans in the future.

You can read more about Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin here