Moving abroad to live and work can be quite the adventure

3. oktober

It may seem like a big mouthful to relocate your entire career and personal life. But it might just be worth it. For Mia Mechula it was just right.

LEMAN offers abroad stays as an option for freight forwarders and other employees. Mia Mechula grabbed the chance and started her American adventure. Now she has returned to Denmark with her backpack full of experiences.

"After completing education at LEMAN, I knew that working abroad was the way for me. I have always wanted to experience the USA more thoroughly and try to become part of the American community. I got that opportunity with a position as Project Manager at LEMAN's department in Chicago," Mia says.

“Your friends become family when you are seconded”

"You really get to know Americans, both in the workplace and in person. You get a good understanding of the culture, so you can better understand the way they work. The Americans are hugely open, and they are interested in who you are and what background you come from. I felt so welcome.”

"I also learned a lot about the American market, which is probably an advantage as I move forward in my career."

"At our office we were a lot of different nationalities. There were employees from USA, China, Mexico, Denmark and a couple of other countries, so you learn to work together across culture and background. It's really awesome!"

Unity and community

In addition to the professional and social upsides, other major experiences awaited Mia during her stay.

"I got a huge network and we had lots of fun together. We went skiing and hiking, visited theme parks, went on city tours and a lot more. Friends become family when you are working abroad."

"In addition, it is very easy to travel around the United States, so I managed to see large parts of the country. It was a huge experience and I would recommend anyone considering posting to do it," Mia concludes.

"I will definitely go again!"

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