30. juli

On Thursday, August 1st, Angelika Bommarius celebrates her 50th anniversary at LEMAN.

Angelika started as piccoline in LEMAN Harrislee south of the Danish/German border back in 1969. Afterwards she came to Padborg where she, among other things, sat with Germany import cargo. Her diligence and high level of service benefited customers and colleagues for 38 years. Today Angelika works in the Taulov department where her skills, acquired over half a century, are used as Cross Dock Coordinator.

Angelika always does her best, keeps her word and shows great commitment and loyalty to clients and colleagues.

When Angelika was asked if she wanted to meet with the Queen on the occasion of the great achievement, 50 years in the same company, she simply said; “I want to party with my LEMAN colleagues. I will meet the Queen another day”. Proof of an employee who loves working for LEMAN.

We would like to thank and congratulate Angelika on the anniversary and hope to be able to draw on her massive experience some more in the future.