Three ways to get your shipments overseas

How to secure your supply chain.

18. mars

We have assured capacity - let LEMAN help you keeping your goods moving.

LEMAN is still open for business and your personal link to global transportation and logistics. We are ready to serve your transport needs to keep supply chains flowing globally and still able to arrange transports to and from overseas markets despite the current situation; either by air, sea or our express service.

Air freight

There are major air cargo capacity issues around the world due to grounded passenger flights resulting in drastic freight rate increases. However, we have made special agreements with reputable air carriers, which enable us to still ship cargo by air, with only a few exceptions.

Sea freight

If air freight is out of your budget range, we can offer favorable solutions by sea with fast transit times. For example, we can offer our own consolidation setup and shipment of goods from Europe to USA in only 14 days from door-to-door. The setup means that LEMAN gather shipments from several consignors in a consolidated freight container, making it possible for you to ship part loads overseas at low cost.

Express services

Our courier service still offers global door-to-door service express delivery of parcels of up to 3,000 kg. with only a few exceptions (for example certain areas of China, Italy and Portugal). Our courier shipments are exempted from the restrictions introduced world-wide these days and it is therefore possible to maintain the usual supply chains.


Despite generally limited capacity we have ensured space on all vital freight corridors, so no matter your transport needs, our broad range of products make us capable of offering you alternative solutions worth considering. Let us help you keeping your goods moving – contact our shipment experts to get a transport solution tailored to your needs. We apologize for any delays and challenges that may occur due to this difficult situation – all our employees aim to do their utmost to provide you with the best service possible.


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